This is the part of F&J Model buses that is dedicated to Trailways model buses  & Trailways related items


Actual Continental Trailways Bus Station Sign

Price $100.00

Virginia Trailways Hat Badge

Price $40.00

National Trailways Bus System 50th Golden Anniversary Bus Decal


Price $55.00

Trailways EAGLE 10 Model Bus


Price $60.00



                                                                                                                 Trailways EAGLE 05 Model Bus

Price $ 85.00



Trailways Belt Buckle

Price $30.00

MTH Trailways Bus Station  Temporarily Sold Out


Price $225.00



Price $30.00

Classic Metal Works Trailways  GMC PD 4103 1/87 Scale

The bus features a complete interior and mirrors.

Destination Sign: Wash DC


Price $26.00

MCI E Thrasher Brothers Trailways (Diecast 1/64 Scale)

Price $38.00


The Following Buses were hand trimmed by F&J Model buses and made of hard plastic with rolling rubber wheels

Trailways (National) E Series Bank (Made of hard plastic with rolling rubber wheels)

Price $25.00

Carolina Trailways MC-9 


Price $26.00

Carolina Trailways MCI G

Price $26.00

 Carolina Trailways MC-9 (with different logo)


Price $26.00

Carolina Trailways  96A3

Price $26.00

Carolina Trailways D-102 Series

Price $26.00

Carolina Trailways 96A3 with dog on the rear

Price $26.00