Corgi bus collectors' visit F&J Model Buses from all over the World for hard to find Rare Corgi model buses. 

We feature some of the hardest to find rare Corgi buses at F&J Model Buses.   If you see a Corgi model bus that you like, purchase it now as it can be gone tomorrow!!

Corgi Greyhound MCI-DL3 New Livery by F&J Model Buses



This is a Corgi bus that is hand trimmed in Vinyl with the Greyhound new Livery by F&J Model Buses

Price $135.00

53401  Greyhound MCI-DL3     

 While Supplies Last !  

Price $ 110.00


53402   TNM&O

Price $75.00

53403    MCI DL Coach USA

Special Pricing While Supplies Last !  

Price $70.00

53404 Montreal Greyhound (Canada)

Price $85.00

53407    Bonanza Bus Lines

Price $70.00

53408   Vermont Transit    

Price $125.00

53409  GRAY LINE New York

Price $60.00

53411 Greyhound Bus Lines

Washington Destination Sign

98421 MCI Demonstrator

Price $85.00

98422  Peter Pan Trailways

Price $80.00

98431- Peter Pan Birthday (BANK) series Price $67.00

98432       -  MCI Demonstrator (bank version)               $62.00

98652  Sea World - Pacific Coast -GrayLine

Price $80.00